The Cypriot Academy is an unincorporated voluntary organisation dedicated to the advancement of Cypriot culture and achievements in the UK and beyond.

2 Aims

The aims of the Cypriot Academy are to:

    • revitalise Cypriot culture and values in the UK and worldwide
    • promote Cypriot-inspired excellence and achievements in all fields
    • seek the freedom of Cypriots from forces which oppress them
    • engender identity, pride and unity among Cypriots of every background

In pursuing its aims the Cypriot Academy seeks to:

    • support projects which enhance the standing of the Cypriot community, elevate its culture or serve its social, educational or other needs
    • involve and bring together people with Cypriot affinities of all backgrounds and faiths
    • forge cooperative links with complementary organisations in the UK, Cyprus and elsewhere
    • publicise issues of particular interest to people with Cypriot affinities
    • advance the cause of a truly free, peaceful and united Cyprus, where the human rights of all are respected

3 Powers

The Cypriot Academy is empowered to do all lawful things necessary or desirable to further its aims including, without limitation:

    • raising revenues and incurring proper expenditure
    • collecting and disseminating information, and publishing material in any medium
    • providing or assisting in the provision of exhibitions, meetings, cultural gatherings, lectures and courses
    • promoting, encouraging and undertaking study and research
    • acquiring, leasing or renting property and equipment
    • employing and remunerating staff
    • entering into contractual arrangements

4 Equal opportunities

Membership of the Cypriot Academy is open to resourceful, proactive individuals aged 18 or over who have Cypriot affinities and a shared belief in the Cypriot Academy’s aims. Membership of the Cypriot Academy is a privilege and imposes obligations.

Members are expected to take an active part in furthering the Cypriot Academy’s work and to conduct themselves in a manner that enhances the Cypriot Academy’s reputation. Members must ensure that everything done in the Cypriot Academy’s name reflects the highest standards of quality, professionalism and integrity.

All members are required to pay such subscriptions for membership as are determined from time to time by the Management Committee of the Cypriot Academy. The Management Committee may remove from membership any person whose actions are found to be detrimental to or incompatible with the organisation’s aims and objectives or who ceases to be actively involved in the Cypriot Academy’s work.

Applications for membership must be submitted to the Secretary of the Cypriot Academy and will take effect upon approval by the Management Committee.

6 General meetings

Annual general meetings of the Cypriot Academy will be held in each calendar year at intervals of not more than 14 months and at such reasonable times and places as the Management Committee determines. Special general meetings of the Cypriot Academy may be called by the Management Committee or following a request by two-thirds of the members. Minutes will be maintained of general meetings and will be circulated to members.

14 days’ notice of all general meetings will be given by the Secretary of the Cypriot Academy to all members, together with particulars of resolutions intended to be proposed. The quorum at a general meeting of the Cypriot Academy is one-third of the total membership or such other number as the Cypriot Academy may from time to time determine.

Resolutions to dissolve the Cypriot Academy or to amend its constitution will require respectively a three-quarters and two-thirds majority of members present and voting. All other matters arising at general meetings will be decided by simple majority.

7 Management

At each annual general meeting, the Cypriot Academy will elect from its membership a Chairman and a Secretary and such other officers as the Cypriot Academy may decide to serve on the Management Committee. The membership of the Management Committee will be not less than two and not more than five.

The Management Committee is responsible for the policy and general management of the Cypriot Academy. The Management Committee will meet as and when required and has a quorum of two. A person may be removed from the Management Committee if they persistently fail to attend its meetings. The Management Committee may appoint a person to fill a casual vacancy until the next annual general meeting. Minutes will be maintained of all Management Committee meetings and will be available to all members on request.

8 Finance

The income and property of the Cypriot Academy from wherever derived will be applied solely towards the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Cypriot Academy. This will not prevent the incurring of proper expenditure, including remuneration of staff, paying for goods and services and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

A bank account will be maintained in the name of the Cypriot Academy with such bank as the Management Committee may from time to time decide. All cheques on behalf of the Cypriot Academy must be signed by two signatories authorised by the Management Committee.

Each year the Management Committee will prepare an annual report and accounts of the Cypriot Academy’s activities and financial affairs for presentation to the annual general meeting.

9 Dissolution

On dissolution of the Cypriot Academy, the Management Committee will be empowered to arrange the transfer of any assets of the Cypriot Academy remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities to other organisations having compatible aims.


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