Our comments

    • having a letter published in the International Herald Tribune challenging an editorial that called for the EU to pressure Cyprus to accept Turkey’s idea of reunification

    • having a letter published in the Washington Times challenging an editorial that called for Turkey’s EU entry talks not to be held hostage by Cyprus

    • having a letter published in the Financial Times International Edition reasserting Cyprus’s right to exist as a nation, highlighting its unique cultural heritage and showing how reunification can enrich the world

    • maintaining awareness among the public and UK and European advertising standards authorities of the hurtfulness of advertising the part of Cyprus still under occupation by Turkey’s army as an ‘unspoilt’ holiday destination

    • securing an apology from the Daily Mirror for offensive comments against Greek, and by extension, Cypriot and all Mediterranean women

We have discovered that the pen (or rather keyboard), if used strategically and intelligently, really can be mightier than the sword.

We take only the Cypriot side and are selective in the issues we seek to address. The Cypriot Academy is not and does not seek to be a lobby or political organisation, although we support and respect those who dedicate themselves to campaigning for a truly free and united Cyprus.

The Cypriot Academy believes that promoting a shared and unifying heritage, accessible to all Cypriots, as well as to the wider community, is ultimately the best way to bring about a lasting solution for Cyprus.


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